Meet your new back office in Japan

For Small and Medium-sized Enterprise and Individuals

Your personal bookkeeping team

Remote Accountant provides bookkeeping services and other clerical works that will make time for you to focus on your core business.

Online accounting firm

We are a virtual, cloud-based and paperless accounting firm. And because we are online, you can have convenient transactions with us.

Japan-based company

Managed by a CPA in Japan who is knowledgeable about Japan’s regulations

Bilingual staff

Our Filipino accounting Staff is highly skilled in both English and Japanese languages

Why choose us

Our goal is your success. We treat your business with care like our own business. That’s why we never settle for less and give you only the best

Time Saving

Don’t waste your time on a minor part of your business. Use your time on growing your business and not on bookkeeping. That’s why we want to lessen your burden by making your bookkeeping out of your worries.

High-Quality Service

Remote Accountant follows Japan’s business and tax regulations thoroughly. Because our goal is to give a High-Quality service to our client. We make sure we give nothing but an excellent outcome.

Trusted Tools

You don’t have to worry about the security of your data. We only use trusted tools like Yayoi Accounting software, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Cost Saving

The CPA bilinguals’ fee in Japan charges an expensive fee. By using the service of Remote Accountant, you could save cost. You can get a quality service for a reasonable price.

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