The bipartisan Japanese Language Education Promotion Association, chaired by Takeo Kawamura, has compiled their basic bill on Japanese language education aimed at foreigners. This basic bill clearly states the country’s “responsibility” when it comes to the institutionalization of the teaching of the Japanese language as a foreign language. This includes providing financial support to local governments that support learning and companies that accept foreigners. Even companies have the responsibility to support their employees’ Japanese language learning. This kind of environment would encourage more foreigners to enter the Japanese workforce.

A meeting would be held mid-November to flesh out the contents of the bill. They aim to submit it to the current Diet and have it approved.

Currently, nikkeijin and foreign trainees working in Japan do not receive sufficient security in their language study opportunities. Due to the lack of fluency in Japanese, the quality of work produced is not of its highest quality. What’s more is that there is a lack of integration with the local community due to the language barrier. This makes daily life difficult. With this bill, the opportunity to learn the Japanese language for foreigners would be more available.

Under the bill, companies that would employ foreigners may be obliged to offer languages school support or invite language teachers for classes.