How long does it take to reply to inquiry?
Normally, we reply within 2 business day.
How do we sign the agreement?
We will send a signed draft engagement letter by email. After you sign it, you will send it back to us as a PDF by email.
Are the tax services included in the Pricing package?
The Pricing package is for a simple bookkeeping only. If you would like tax services, you have to choose tax return filing or email support under the option services. It will be provided by our associated accounting firm.
What will be the arrangement if the number of entries increases?
If the number of entries keeps on increasing, we will change the Pricing package. For example, you avail the Accountant package, and the number of entries continue to increase more than 200 monthly, we will advise you to change the contract to CPA package.
To which bank account should I transfer fund?
It will be written on the invoice.
Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes. You can cancel our contract anytime with one month notice before its effectivity.
Who needs to sign the agreement in our company?
Representative Director or any other authorized person
How long will be the validity of the contract?
The validity will be 1-year and it will be renewed automatically.
What do you mean by “1 entry”?
In principle, 1 entry per 1 receipt. However, for instance, in case that 1 receipt includes items like Pencil, Revenue stamp and Electricity bill, the pencil is for Supplies, the revenue stamp is for Taxes and dues and the Electricity bill is for Utilities. In this receipt, we already have 3 entries.
What are the modes of payment?
The mode of payment is thru Bank remittance.
Any other way to settle it?
We don’t have any other way as of now.
Is it possible to request some clerical work that’s not included in your plans? For example translation?
Yes. For work requests that are not indicated on this website, you can inquire with us for details.


Work Process

What kind of information do we need to collect?
All invoices, receipts, bank statements, and credit card details
What language can you use?
English or Japanese
What is the deadline for sharing evidence?
There is no deadline for this. We start our work once all information is shared.
Who will keep the receipts?
The receipts and evidences must be stored by you.
How do you send the deliverables?
We submit the deliverables by email.
Is it possible to specify the account title?
Basically, we follow standard journalizing according to our rules. But in case that you request a specific account title, please coordinate with us (Options fee may be charged).
Do we need to have an accounting software?
No. You just need to provide the evidences (invoice, etc.) and we are the one who will input it on accounting software (Yayoi). We will provide the deliverables in excel format.
What do we do for the receipts with unknown or unreadable contents?
The receipts with unknown contents will be included on the “Miscellaneous expense”.
What file format can we save it to?
We prefer PDF but JPG or PNG is also acceptable.
Can we visit your office or can we ask you to visit our office?
We are an online accounting firm that’s why we don’t do office visit and our office is not also open for visitor. We do everything online, to make it easier for you.
Do you have a size limit for each file or the total files?
We don’t have a size limit for the files.
What kind of deliverables do you produce?
We produce a Financial statement exported by excel file from Yayoi Accounting.
Can I ask for a sample deliverables?
Yes. We can provide a sample deliverables upon request.
What will be the arrangement if I have an inventory?
We will record inventory based on the inventory report you will provide to us.
What do we do for the receipts without date?
For the receipts without date, we will include it to the end of the fiscal year.
Can we still add an evidence even though you’re already done with the request?
We reflect the addition to the following month (if year-end, please discuss this with us).