Pricing Package

With all these plans, Remote Accountant handles your accounting through a dedicated finance team.
We can customize each of these packages to build the right set of features and services for your business. Inquire with our consultant to learn more.

Option Services

Departmental accounting

Recording of journal entry by
department or business

Email Support

Inquire all your questions related to back office through email and receive answers

Retroactive Bookkeeping

Monthly fee x Prior period/s with transaction
Recording of journal entries covering the period/s with transactions prior to the start of our service with you.

Tax return filing

Inquire with us
Preparing Corporate tax return, Individual income tax return, Consumption tax return and Property tax return etc


¥5,000 per person/mo
Monthly payroll calculation and
the related compliance work

Online Banking Support

Most of the interface of online banking in Japan are written in Japanese. We will assist you on how to operate it step by step.

* Pricing on this website excludes consumption tax
* All tax related services are provided by our associated tax firm

For other services not listed here, feel free to inquire with us and we will do our best to help.

3 STEP Work Process

step 1 - inquiry


Collect all the needed documents
(e.g. receipts and invoices) for sharing

step 2 - confer


Scan invoices and share it on Dropbox,
Google drive or your choice of cloud application

step 3 - pay


As we completed the requested task, we will submit it for your final checking. We will also share the financial statement (if needed)

3 STEP Contract flow

step 1 - inquiry


Inquire to us by sending a message thru “Inquiry Form”. You can also contact us thru our contact details. We can arrange a meeting thru skype or hangouts.

step 2 - confer


Upon reaching an agreement,
you will sign a contract with us.

step 3 - pay


You will a receive the invoice from us
and you could pay thru Bank Transfer.

Our Tools


「弥生会計」Yayoi Accounting is the leading accounting software in Japan. They have been awarded no. 1 for 18th consecutive years by BCN Awards, an awarding body which bases on the actual annual sales per category. They have a partnership with more than 7000 tax accountants and accounting offices. The registered users already exceeded to 1.4 Million people.

Their customers are mostly small and medium-size enterprise. They have different series based on the need of their clients. One of them is the Yayoi online (Cloud accounting software) that was released in July 2015. It has simple features that can be used by a person even without bookkeeping or accounting knowledge. And because it is a cloud application, it can be used anywhere as long as there is the internet.