The Cabinet Office said on November 27 that if the number of flights operated by a cheap airline company (LCC) grew by 20% each year after 2018, the government estimates that the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan will be 42.1 million in 20 years. This will exceed the government target of 40 million people. If the number of inbound flights is only increased by 10% per year, the number of visitors to Japan in 20 years is not expected to reach 37.7 million. We analyzed that it is necessary to expand the number of LCC flights and establish a new airline route to increase the number of visitors to Japan.

We focused on analyzing the economic trends in various areas of Japan about the trends of visitors who are bringing rural revitalization through the annual report “Regional Economy”. It is pointed out that the number of flights operated by LCC has increased by 28.2% in 2004 and by 25.7% in 2005. This contributed to the increase in visitors to Japan, and it is said that it is necessary to increase the number of flights in the future.

The analyzed report about the current situation of manpower shortage worsens in various places. Labor supply and demand is tightening nationwide, but there are also circumstances where mismatches are occurring in recruitment and job seeking. “Service Staff” such as customer service at restaurants are strongly inadequate in terms of labor shortage in which recruiters from companies exceed their job seekers, while job seekers tend to exceed job offers as “workers in transportation, cleaning and packaging.”

Foreigners who are expected as future labor force are concentrated in South Kantou. Based on a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Cabinet Office analyzed that the number of foreign workers in South Kantou in the 17 years was about 600,000. This accounted over 40% of foreign workers. Approximately, half of foreign students who are enrolled in the University of South Kanto are engaged in wholesale, retail and accommodation business services and food service business as part-time jobs. On the other hand, it is pointed out that there are many workers in the manufacturing industry as technical interns in Hokuriku, China, and in Shikoku region.